Our Typical 100% Italian Products

With passion and respect for local tradition, we exclusively produce organic products from a particular and unique flavor which transformed and packaged in a natural way without the use of preservatives and dyes. Products from the genuineness and intense perfumes to use in every branch of gastronomy and that will help to spice up your favorite dishes at Sorrento Peninsula aromas.

  Available free tasting with direct sale at our Farm Shop and shipping service in all over Italy and Europe. 



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The local lemon variety is "Femminello massese,” better known as the Sorrento Lemon. This famous lemon is exported worldwide...


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil of our farm is made exclusively with passion and respect for local tradition...


Lemon Oil

Lemon-flavored olive oil is a condiment with a delicate and pleasant aroma, ideal for flavoring fish, shellfish, salads and vegetables...


Orange Oil

Orange-flavored olive oil is a condiment made by infusing local orange zest in extra virgin olive oil for 72 hours...


Lemon Marmalade

Our lemon marmalade is made with high quality lemons, scrubbed under running water, hand peeled, cut into pieces and cooked for about an hour...


Orange Marmalade

Our orange marmalade is naturally orange; it contains no added color or preservatives...

Citrus Honey

Citrus Honey

One of the most popular honeys for the intensity and delicacy of the aroma, fruity and floral, doubtlessly stemming from orange blossoms....

Wildflower Honey

Wildflower Honey

Honey derived from the blooms of our land in the months of May and June; its aroma is of medium intensity with notes prickly....



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